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This report will be covering the supporting and counter argument issues for the supply and trade of 'French Beans' from Africa into the UK and Europe.

The support issues will be made through the utilitarian ethic and the counter arguments will be done by the deontological ethic and at the end the report will be drawing conclusions and setting down recommendations for the trade of 'French' Beans.

1.1 Support for the trade of 'French' Beans - Utilitarianism ethic

The meaning of utilitarian ethic is "the greatest happiness for the greatest number" (P63, Vardy, P et al, 1999) this taken for the sales of French Beans and vegetables as a whole would be proved right as the sales of frozen vegetables has risen 8% during 2000 to 2005 to $1.41 billion (figures taken from Mintel, 2005 - see appendix 1)

This would say that the greater number of people who like to buy frozen vegetables (including French Beans) are seen as popular and with the growing amount of demand for vegetables would be seen as a viable reason why French Beans should be flown in from Africa as it is a very profitable and viable business.

One of the main advantages of flying in French Beans means that their no risk of pesticides been on the beans when sold to the public as the suppliers of beans use tight bio-controls to ensure no pests on the vegetables which is an corporate social responsibility for the suppliers of French Beans "to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game" (P126, Friedman, M. 1970)

This is saying that as long as the suppliers are acting responsible and doing this for the greater happiness of its...