Freedom: what it means to me

Essay by hitter.405Junior High, 8th grade October 2006

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"We believe that freedom is a gift from God and not a political grant

from government. Freedom neither license nor anarchy. It is self-

control. No more and no less. It must be consistent with the truths

expressed in such great moral guides as the Ten Commandments, the

Golden Rule and the Declaration of Independence." As you may have

guessed I didn't write this opinion. But, I do agree with R.C. Holies'

principles presented in this magnificent quote. As I was reading this, it

made me realize how much the people around me, and myself, take our

freedom for granted. I believe that when people think about freedom,

they think of freedom as just a word. Most people don't realize that the

word used to mean that you could not be owned and could do as you

please. Today in America people are automatically free and

don't have to work to earn it.

Freedom gives me the right to play

hockey, baseball ,or any sport I want. I can also get the education I want

at almost any school I want for free. When the colonists were trying to

break free from England, they would have done anything to secure that

new freedom. I know that if anybody ever tried to take my freedom

away, I would do anything to get it back. Soldiers fight every day so I

can keep my freedom, and for the freedom of others, and that means a

lot. I have always wanted to be in the service, and will possibly be able

to fight to keep Americas freedom-just like soldiers do for us today. My

freedom means a lot to me and will mean more to me as I get older and

earn more rights. I still think many people will think of freedom...