How to Format Your Hard Drive I had the assignment in my English 101 class to write a process essay or an instructional essay. This is an instructional essay.

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How to Format Your Hard Drive

Are you tired of freezing? Fed up with waiting until the cows come home for your computer to complete a task? Devastated when the computer locks up so tight that you have to turn off the power to your house so it will shut down? Well, if you are like most computer owners, you understand how frustrating and expensive a computer can be. Taking your computer to the repair shop and paying high technician fees can be a thing of the past. Follow my directions and you will not ever have to worry about keeping your computer running again.

Before you begin, you need to have a computer and a basic understanding of how it operates. You will need a few 3.5-inch floppy disks, a startup disk, and an operating system disk. The startup disk is a disk that was made especially for your computer.

It tells the computer what hardware it has and which type of operating system is going to be installed. The operating system disk is, for most personal home computers, Microsoft Windows. Today the Windows versions would most likely be Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 S.E., Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows X.P. If you have the floppy disks, the startup disk and the operating system disk then you are ready for the next step.

Now, you need to decide which (if any) information you do not want erased. This information will be saved on a 3.5-inch floppy. To save on a 3.5-inch floppy you need to insert the disk into the skinny hole on your tower making sure to keep the shiny side down. The drive that you inserted the disk into is called the A-drive. After your disk is inserted into the A-drive open the file...