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The purpose of this assignment is to obtain a copy of the financial statements for a publicly held corporation. The corporations I chose are American Healthways (AMHC) and Renal Care Group, Inc (RCI). I will compare and contrast the financial statements with the CAFR from last week.

AMHC is a disease management company located in Nashville, Tennessee. AMHC provides specialized, comprehensive care enhancement and disease management services to individuals in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam. AMHC uses technology along with personal contact to manage the healthcare.

The company has their financial statements audited by Ernst and Young LLP in Nashville, Tennessee. The company has a standardized industry category of 8090, which is the Services-Miscellaneous Health Services & Allied Services. The company has 33,165,000 outstanding shares of common stock as of May 2, 2005. The company also has 5 million shares of preferred stock authorized with none outstanding and does not have any treasury stock.

The transferring agent for AMHC is AMHC transfer agent is SunTrust Bank located in Atlanta Georgia.

RCI is a specialized dialysis services company that provides care to patients with kidney disease. RCI serves over 30,000 patients in more than 420 outpatient facilities in addition to providing acute dialysis services at more than 210 hospitals. Over 8,900 associates provide services across the Company's 34-state network. Similar to AMHC, RCI provides its services to its members and their doctors. RCI teaches the patients how to live with renal disease through education, encouragement and support.

Upon reviewing the financial statement of RCI and AMHC it is evident that RCI report their annual earnings on a calendar year basis, as where AMHC reports on a fiscal year basis. RCI has nearly six times the revenue as American Healthways for their years ending in...