"Fear Park- The Last Scream" by R.L. Stine

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The fiction book that I have chosen to report on is "Fear Park- The Last Scream", By R.L. Stine. I chose this horrifying novel because I love the R.L. Stine series, and I also love horror stories.

The setting of the story takes place mainly in Fear Park during the summer in the near 21st century. The main characters are Dierdre Bradley, her father, Robin Fear, Meghan Fairwood, and Gary.

The plot of this story involves a carnival park, in which nearly 60 years ago, was cursed by the Fear family. The sorcerer, Robin's father, cast a spell and made all children in the park go to the Fear stadium against their will, raise hatchets over their shoulders, and hack each other to death. The park had been closed ever since. 60 years later, the Bradleys' bought Fear Park to make a living, knowing of the dangers but not believing much in them.

They used all of the money and savings they had, so they could not afford to close the park. Meanwhile, 30 years ago, Robin, who with the books that his father had passed on to him, made himself and Meghan Fairwood, his girlfriend, immortal. Robin, who 'tricked' Meghan into believing he was helping the park and attempting to get rid of the curse, was actually trying to make the Bradleys' close it forever and make it appear that there was actually a curse put on the park. Robin sent Dierdre's father, Mr. Bradley, to the hospital by attempting to kill him by pushing him into a fast-spinning Ferris wheel. Robin continued to reek havoc on the park until one day he saw Gary, a teenager, who used to be Dierdre's boyfriend, (But at the moment, he did not know that.) starring at him from...