Famous Classical Composers of the Classical Era

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In the 18th century, the middle class made more money. During the Classical Period, the middle class had a great influence on music. They wanted to hear concertos and symphonies, so they had public concerts. They wanted their children to learn music and play instruments. The composers began writing music geared towards the middle class. They wrote music that was easier to understand and play. Serious music changed to comic operas, popular folk tunes, and dance music. Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven were all master composers of the classical music era.

Born on the date of March 21st, 1685, Johann Sebastian Bach was born to an exceptionally musically talented family. The Bach family, consisting of famous composers for around two hundred years, was more than delighted to have another child to uphold the family's musical achievements. Even with the death of his mother at the age of ten years old and his father's death a year later, it did not prevent his musical studies during his chaotic childhood.

After the tragic death of his parents, Bach began his musical studies with his older brother, Johann Christopher Bach, who was a local organist. While participating in musical studies with his brother, Bach learned the art of reading, writing, and performing music. Bach learned the art of reading, writing, and performing music on an instrument called the clavichord, which is an early version of the piano. Besides learning about music from his older brother, Bach worked alongside his brother, building and restoring organs. With his foot in the door of the musical world, it was the key in his acceptance and scholarship to St. Michael's School, which then jumpstarted Bach's musical career.

With previous knowledge of reading and writing music, the main focus of the school was to broaden Bach's horizon to other...