The Failures and Solutions to foreign Aid

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It is no mystery that today we live in a society in which some are less privileged than others. It is clear and apparent to us everyday when we see the homeless and the diseased. On an international scale, however, it is also an issue as we find countries with lower standards of living and conditions of suffering and turmoil. We see these situations on the news and hear of "developed" countries offering aid to assist and fix some of the issues facing these nations. It is important to realize, however, that while this seems an action of goodwill it is often ineffective and has in some cases worsened the situations for these nations. Problems that plague the aid administration for example, include corrupt politicians who mishandle funding, worsening debt situations, and a lack of control over plan execution as a result of no overseeing authority being granted to the aid givers.

The best way to defeat these obstacles would be first to offer aid in the form of grants, eliminating debt factors, secondly offering step based aid programs where further aid is given based on results, and thirdly credible threats should be advocated regarding further funding in order to deter corrupt governments.

Foreign Aid is defined as a situation in which one nation helps another nation through donations, usually of monetary value, meaning cash. Perhaps the largest type

of foreign aid falls in the category of "Development assistance" where the prime objective is to improve to the economic infrastructure and to help reach development goals. The goals can be, for example, quite simply to expand the agricultural sector in order to feed the population, or a more complex goal can be to make improvements in the industrial sector to power up the fledging economy. In general, aid...