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Few years ago, it was easy for students and others to breach the security at a college residence hall. Just wait for the guard at the front desk to nod off or be distracted, and scoot through the entrance into the facility. Or find a door out of sight of the security staff and sneak in. Unfortunately, those breaches may lead not only to innocuous student pranks, but also to serious crimes, including theft, assault and homicide. So as parents and students pressure colleges and universities to bolster their protection of a student's home away from home, school administrators are turning increasingly to technology to provide more sophisticated ways to make a campus safe.

How does it work?

When the card is touched on the card reader, the turnstile attendant will receive a "Go" signal from the system if a valid card is produced. In the event of a lost or stolen card being presented, the system will receive a "Stop" signal upon swiping and a security guard will deal with the issue.

Administration of the system is simple and user-friendly. The office staffs have already had an overview of the system and believe that it will save many hours of administration time whilst at the same time ensuring that student's details are accurately maintained.

The optical smart card system is widely used in many purposes:

(1)As a storage of money

The system will allow students to put money onto their card which can then be spent in any of the Bars and restaurant in campus or can be used as payment towards membership fees. The accepting units may offer discounts to encourage students to join this scheme.

The optical smart card system is also widely used in the public transport system. Oyster is London's travel smartcard and can...