Extramarital Affair

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Society motivates human thoughts whereas on the contrary social norms are created by human-mind. "Offense"; is defined by moral police from earlier days. Extramarital affair is still such a taboo topic that is the mother of many controversies till date.

"Marriage is a legal prostitution"- as viewed by most of the feminists. Let us try to eye the whole matter as an outsider just for the sake of proper judgment of human-sentiments. From strict feminism to modern age human-resolution of emotion, a line of control is to be viewed; marriage is a legal passport for sleeping together. That is why we judge bank-balance before marriage. Such an institution that consists the idea of love based on some material units can never be so much fruitful for most of us. In such a plot a scope to get emotionally trapped by true love is absolutely hundred percent. There goes the moral sin as defined previously as the "Extramarital affair". Wedding constitutes a responsibility towards not only the partner but also the society itself. A relationship based on love, trust, respect and passion with a real mutual dependence is to be defined as marriage and Extramarital Affair is the element that breaks a marriage. But the relation based on pre-judgments of material prosperity can never go as love. In this case Extramarital Affair provides a platform to rediscover the true emotion of being a human being. It voices our Wright to love and to be loved beyond social norms and cultural gap. When it comes from a long-term emotional attachment, it goes beyond ethics. Let us leave the lovers in their own way.

Still, marriage is a solemn relationship can never be denied if it is based on true love and passion. When from pre-marital to marital, marital to extra...