Exporting wine to China

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1. Introduction

Exporting is the commercial activity of selling and shipping good to a foreign country. Italy ranks as one of the greatest wine producing countries in the world, the special geographic position and varying climate and soil conditions result in a wide diversity of wines, but its red wine market in Europe and US being matured in recent years.

According to annual statistic analysis and the prosperous economy trend of China, business opportunities emerge in China since it more opens to the world after joined WTO. Red wine demand of China tends to increase year after year; BAROLO DOCG is one of the great red wine in Piedmontese. It is deep ruby red with intense scent of rose, licorice and spice, and it tastes full-bodied, dry and elegant, the market price of BAROLO DOCG in Europe is $47.99 for 13.4% v/v 75ml. To export BAROLO DOCG into China bring a fresh long-term profitable business for Italian vintners.

via analyzed the factors of political, culture and characters of Chinese climate, the study provides a critical PEST prospect to BAROLO DOCG red wine exporting business.

2.1 Political

The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) is a dictatorship country, which the power is concentrated by communist Part since 1949. China has developing its economic and political stability being stronger, and the government generally acts relay on the rule of Constitution Law. In the recent year, the central governments moving toward more public accountability, China now is paying close attention to the next wave of development. As a new WTO member, China has begun to lower tariffs, create a more transparent business environment, and restructure standards and testing procedures.

Before 1979 China's foreign trade was wholly conducted through national foreign trade corporations under import and export plans assigned by the former Ministry of Foreign...