Explains Giuseppe Garibaldi's whole life. How he created the Thousand men army and how he expanded

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Garibaldi and the Thousand

The kingdom of the Two Sicilies was made up of the southern half of the Italian Peninsula and the island of Sicily. Bourbon tribes tried to conqueror this kingdom, but unfortunately it was not an easy target. This kingdom started to become a target of Italian nationalists which later conquered it with the help of Giuseppe Garibaldi. Garibaldi is Italy's most brilliant soldier of the Risorgimento and an excellent guerrilla fighter.

Sentenced to death, Garibaldi escaped to South America in which he lived several years (1836-1848). While being in South America, he helped Uruguay in a war against Argentina. He returned to Italy in 1848, taking part in the war of independence. He became a hero by supporting his country against Austrian and French forces. During his second exile, he lived in North Africa, Peru, and the United States. He returned to Italy in 1854 when Cavour allowed him to.

In 1860, Garibaldi achieved what anybody expected. Along with his army, Garibaldi took over Sicily. He crossed to Italy's mainland and continued to go north. He conquered Naples by defeating the king's army. His conquests were well known in Italy and throughout the world.

Garibaldi continued moving north and attempted to conquer more regions. He led an expedition to capture Rome in 1867, but unfortunately French troops stopped him. It is believed that Cavour was envious of Garibaldi's conquests that he sent troops to stop him. When Cavour met with Garibaldi in Naples, Garibaldi agreed to support Victor Emmanuel II as king of the united Italy. His request of being governor of Naples got refused by Cavour and the king. Much later Garibaldi declared himself a socialist when he finally got disillusioned with the politics of Italy.

In conclusion, I can say that Garibaldi was...