"An eventful day in the life of Nicholas Parker" - A journal entry from the Elizabethan era.

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Age: one-and-twenty

Location: Fleet Street, Tudor London

Occupation: Apprentice to Hutchinson, the tailor - lives in with him.

August 23, 1599

Today was a most usual, but tiring day. So much is going on in England. God Save the Queen! It is wonderful times. It is the last year of the century and the land has prospered. The next should be most benefiting too. One thing is for sure, the people around town have grown in numbers so rapidly, London can hardly keep up.

Well, it was good weather today. The sun beamed down so well, the market was full of hustle-bustle. I went to work a bit early. Hutchinson has begun to let me open up shop. The fat old man is a cheap, untrusting miser. I would not work for him if I knew not that I would be the heir to the tailor shop. His kids are just too young.

I don't understand how he even had them. But, the lady is something. I say those kids are not even his. Hah, what if the old drunkard found out about me and the lady? I am not the only one milking the cow; what reason have I to feel guilty? So, whoever's kids they are, I saw them playing shuttlecock as I left for work. Fine young lads, enjoying the open day. I would be proud if the lady told me they were mine.

The day at work was as usual, I did all the work and the lousy toad sat drinking out of his dirty bottle. As usual, another chap cheaped a good deal out of Hutchinson. I am so tired watching the old man make the most bad deals after all my hard work. This will stop when I become the man of the...