Evaluating Internet Resources

Essay by aznrocks November 2006

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The following paper is the comparison of two websites that are different in content, audience and purpose. The two websites compared are Wellnessletter and Obesity-B'-Gone. Both websites act as promoters for a product. The websites need to be visually appealing, and information must be easily accessible if the websites are going to be successful. The evaluation of the two sites will be based on the their reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness, and bias. Evaluating websites means determining whether or not they are "good". A good website must have worthwhile content but sometimes there are additional goals depending on the specific website.

The website Wellnessletter is about an article with the title "Kernels of Wisdom." This article explains the importance of whole grain and teaches the audiences how to choose whole grain when they're at the bread aisle. This site is reliable for its editorial boards and its background, which is supported by the University of California, Berkeley. Validity can also be found on this site with the proven of the Dietary Guidelines and Whole Grain Stamp from the Whole Grains Councils for its nutritional product, the whole grain. "Kernels of Wisdom" is written in perfect English with no grammatical and spelling errors. The language is very clear and concise. The writing is theoretically for all readers who care about their health. The information on this article is accurate because the same fact can be found on more than one source. Wellnessletter is well authorized with UC Berkeley Wellness Letter as the author, which has all the medical experts on the editorial board. This page can't seem to be linked with other web pages, but it is protected under the copyright law of 2006. The author of this website is an organization, and its contact information is all provided. The...