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The milk had gone to her lungs and was choking her. She cried for help but couldn't because she was drowning. My mom was so terrified she didn't know what to do. Imagine a mom seeing her two-month-old daughter choking to death on milk in her own bedroom. She cried and screamed with disbelief. I came running as fast as I could with fear knowing something had gone wrong. I froze in shock as Angie, a nurse that was staying with us to help take care of the baby, pound her tiny chest and breath into her mouth, "Come on baby, CRY, GABY please CRY!" Angie pointed at the black phone on the dresser, and said, "Call 911, HURRY!" I did. I couldn't believe it. The paramedics came, told me to go to another room afraid I would suffer a trauma of some sort, and took her.

From the back of the ambulance, my mom yelled and reassured me, "Todo va estar bien mijo", everything is going to be fine, and left.

Meanwhile, we stayed with our neighbor. My dad was notified at work and came to pick us up. We hurried to the hospital to be with my little sister. The scene was of a horror movie. I imagined Frankenstein. The big machines were all around her fragile body, there were clear tubes going in and out her tiny mouth, and wires connecting her to the machines. A single blanket covered her in this cold room.

That incident happened five years ago. Yet I still can't imagine what she was feeling or thinking. Because she had such an undeveloped brain, I'm not sure if she could understand the horror she was going through. But just thinking how horrible it might feel to have tubes in her...