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1. Brief History and Business Strategy of Disney

Anyone who has set foot inside a Disney theme park or resort understands that attention to detail, customer service and the overall ambiance is what makes Disney magical. Disney has experienced many different business strategies and now has a better understanding that a standardized business plan cannot be applicable for all resorts, parks and even countries. In an interview with Disney's senior VP of strategic sourcing and procurement for Disney, Bill Patrizio, Patrizio mentions that Disney cannot afford to have a homogeneous business plan due to their diverse businesses, customers, products and services. Patrizio states, "To strive for standardization across the enterprise is not a wise endeavor, because it doesn't acknowledge the unique individual business strategies and processes within the groups." He uses the example of two different customers, one is calling to make hotel reservation and the other is calling to get more information about a Disney toy.

If the processes to answering the phones are not customized to each individual, the customer will not have a pleasant experience. This would go against Disney's mission statement, "To make people happy" ( Disney is currently looking at ways they can standardize some of their processes while understanding the cost of doing business with the customer must not be cut short.

Since the vision of the first Disney theme park in 1952, the Disney Corporation hasn't stopped imagining. In 1975, Disney began the thought process of having a Disney park in Europe to capture a new market. It took a decade for the Disney Corporation to decide on a location outside of Paris. In December 1985, Disney's CEO Michael Eisner, signed a letter of agreement with France and immediately began working out the financial details the following year ( With Disney's reputation of...