Essay on technology being our downfall.

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***Essay is based on format used for NPR radio shows***

I believe that technology and the Internet are the downfall of human ability. I believe it has cost me the ability to do basic math and spelling.

When I started school there was always this fundamental belief that if I did not learn this today I would not be able to progress. So I studied hard at my math and English all the way to around grade six. There I found a magical tool that would do math for me, and best of yet no one would know.

That magical tool is a calculator. A good tool but it has cost me a lot. Sure I can still do various math operations quickly but if you remove my calculator I become useless. I now fail at basic devision and multiplication. Fractions are horrible and we best hope I am not a cashier when the power goes out.

Another thing technology has taken from me is my ability to spell. So far, while writing this I have corrected sixteen words. I no longer have the ability to spell. I now rely of on the spell checker in my word processor.

I believe that as I progress through life I will become more and more dependent upon these machines and in the event that I lose them or the power goes out I will be lost. I already expect my computer to find news stories relevant to me instead of looking at the broader spectrum of news to find what I like. It finds books to my liking; instead of making me try something new.

With all this technology I believe it will restrict us in more ways than we thought. From Digital Rights Management on music (Programs that prevent you from...