This essay is about the slang used in the past and how it realtes to the slang children use in the present.

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The dialect of the past definitely had its share of slang. Slang in my belief is a way a generation of children can communicate with one another as well as in a way rebel against what parents call acceptable language. In the late seventies one of the most common slang used would have to have been the word groovy. In present time one of the most common slang used is the word tight. Both positive in meaning and used widely during their generation. By analyzing the use of these words, their derivatives, and their meanings, the true similarities and differences will be evident.

The use of the word groovy was seen all throughout the seventies positive in meaning and catchy in phrase. In the movie Austin Powers, which setting takes place in the seventies the main character Austin Powers uses the word widely usually when he is happy. The word groovy could be used for instance when lets say someone asks how was your day? You could reply by saying groovy.

The hippy culture of the seventies influenced the use of the word groovy by our parents. Today our generation influenced by hip-hop culture uses the word tight. Like our parents generation, our generation is easily influenced by popular culture. The use of a word like tight is very similar to the use of the word groovy; again it is usually used as an adjective to describe a positive attribute in an event, person, or thing. In fact the popularity of hip-hop in today's culture influences much of what we wear to what we say.

The derivatives of such slang usually come from their actual representation in the real world. For instance in many cases such slang could represent the grooves of a hit record usually considered a good...