This essay compares the programs of England's Prime Ministers, William Gladstone and Benjamin Disreli.

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William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) and William Gladstone (1809-1898) were Prime Ministers of Great Britain between 1868 and 1894. They both aided Queen Victoria during her extensive reign .They were different from each other because they led different political parties. Gladstone was Liberal and Disraeli was conservative.

William Ewart Gladstone was born in Liverpool, December 29, 1809. He studied at Eton and then he went to Christ Church (Oxford). It was here that he decided he wanted to be a politician.

William Gladstone led the Liberal Party and served four times as Prime Minister of Great Britain (1880-1885, 1868-1874, 1892-1894 and 1886) , during Victorian times. He got married in 1839 to Catherine Glynne, and had eight children together. In 1859 he joined the Whigs or Liberal Party.

When he was Prime Minister for the first time he created a national elementary education program for all children and introduced the secret valet.

His most important accomplishment during his second period as Prime Minister was the Reform Act of 1884, which gave rural people the right to vote. His third and fourth ministries were all about the negotiation for the autonomy of Ireland. In 1886 the Liberal Party was split because they refused a decrease of British power in Ireland. He died in Hawarden on May 19, 1898 due to cancer. We has buried in Westminster.

Benjamin Disraeli, Count of Beaconsfield, was born in London on December 24, 1804. He went to Blackheath and Walthamstow schools. He wrote several novels before he was twenty in order to pay his debts. His first novel was Vivian Gray in 1826 which was a success. In 1837 after Victoria became queen he finally got a place in the House of Commons. He became famous thanks to his essays on the Conservative...