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For the past eight years, Ruth Young lost her voice every year starting on August twelfth. When she was a child, she lost her voice after breaking her arm. Ruth had a habit of remembering things by using her fingers. She will arrange what she will do with her fingers. Ruth loves to make everything so difficult. She works as a book doctor but people called her a ghostwriter. Her mother named LuLing Liu Young. Her husband named Art. He works as a linguistics consultant.

Ruth Young has two daughters named Fia and Dory. Fia was fifteen years old and Dory was thirteen years old. Ruth had moved into her husband's flat in Francisco for more than nine years. Wendy, Ruth's friend, asked Ruth to join the yoga class. She and Wendy were the same age. The first time Ruth met Art was at evening yoga class with Wendy. Ruth thought that Art was a gay because he was wearing a golden ring on his right hand and he was not married, but when Art explained about the ring, Ruth knew that what she thought was wrong.

At last, Ruth fell in loved with Art.