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"Antigone" by Sophocles is a play that has three major themes to it. All these three themes play an essential role in the play. These three themes are fate, love and conflict. Nevertheless these major themes are portrayed by the two main characters the in the play, Creon King of Thebes and his niece Antigone. However, these two characters are miles apart and have distinct and conflicting values. Jean Anouilh the author has done this so we can examine these two characters in depth and analyze the conflicting value between human and divine will. The historical background of this play is very important because fate is what leads us the point where Creon kills Antigone. It all starts off when Oedipus son of Thebes kills his father; King of Thebes without knowing it and shortly after marries queen of Thebes, Iocaste. When he takes over Thebes he has four children including a girl called Antigone.

When he is told that he has killed his father and has married his mother Oedipus is disgusted and cuts his eyes out and flees the city of Thebes where he never returns. The shift of power is handed to Oedipus's two sons who were supposed to rule Thebes alternately. But both kill each other outside the city walls. Fate had made Creon new King of Thebes and denies Polyneices a proper burial because he was seen as the enemy and that is where the play Antigone starts with the guard's playing cards.

In the play I observed a variety of personality traits the character of Antigone portrays. At different times in the play she seems to be strong-willed, disrespects people and desires popularity. Although these are not the only characteristics she exemplifies, they are clearly revealed throughout out the play by Antigone. For...