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Key Stage 2 Lesson Structure

Subject: ENGLISH

Age Range 10-11

No. of children: 30

Duration: 1 hour

Topic: Great Gran's Diary

NC references - Oracy

Pupils should be given the opportunity to:

- listen to others, questioning them to clarify what they mean, and extending and following up the ideas

- qualify or justify what they think after listening to other opinions or accounts, and deal politely with opposing points of view.

Learning outcomes

Use role play to explore character and motivation.

Listen carefully to others asking them thoughtful questions and making suitable contributions.

Introduction (20minutes)

Share learning outcomes (displayed on board)

1 Read aloud the first chapter of Great gran's diary to the class.

2 Discuss how they would feel if they were Hannah.

3 What do they think Hannah will do with the box.

4 Ask pupils to write down a few questions they would like to know about Hannah.

E.g. Her home town, family, her gift.

Hot seating (30minutes)

1 Teacher becomes role of Hannah and sits in front of the class.

2 Taking it in turns, one by one, every person in the class gets to ask Hannah a question.

3 Answers given must be very thorough and precise to enthral pupils.

It is vital every pupils has a chance to talk.

Plenary (10minutes)

Re-cap the learning outcomes.

Ask pupils if they feel closer to Hannah.

What did they find out about Hannah during this exercise?

Extension Activity

Ask pupils to pair up and take it in turns to become a character in the book and ask each other questions about themselves.

Common Requirements

Personal and Social Education (evaluating each others work constructively)

Communication Skills (communicating with the class)

Curriculum Cymreig (The book is set in Cardiff, chance to learn more about it.)


Listen to...