End User Support, Improve End-User Support.

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Unit 7 End User Support

Assignment No.2- Improve End-User Support.

Q1) Your company has decided to upgrade from Windows 98 to the Windows XP Professional Operating System on its desktops. You are required to:

a) Identify 6 significant differences between the old and new systems which result from advances and are not features of the graphical user interface.

b) From these differences suggest the training necessary for a member of the support team.

Six significant differences between the old and new systems that result from advances are as follows:

* The 98 system uses a FAT32 file system that supports HDDs up to 32GB and no more, the XP system uses NTFS which supports larger HDDs and also adds more security features to the files.

* System restore was introduced with WinME and so it not a feature of Win98 but is a feature of WinXP, it allows the system to be restored to an earlier point, before a piece of software was installed or a driver updated for example.

* WinXP is far more stable than Win98, for example if a program crashes, it does not freeze the entire system and require it to be rebooted as in Win98.

* Security Centre (an added feature with Service pack 2 for WinXP), is not available on Win98 system. In here security settings such as firewall, anti-virus support and internet protection can be managed.

* Remote desktop was not a feature of Win98 and allows a user to connect to another computer (for example a server) and run applications on that computer as if in front of the computer.

* Windows98 is based on the DOS system and really more suitable for home users, Win NT upwards, including WinXP are not based on the DOS system and thus have...