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The earth's landscapes have been destroyed and build by the forces of weathering and erosion on it that has occurred over time and currently happening.

One of the ways the earth has been destroyed is by erosion. Erosion is when a lot of water is on the land causing it to be worn away and when huge waves wear away the beaches. There are other destroying factors on the earth's landscape. They are winds which cause the land to change . Glaciers change the land by dragging rocks and

carving valleys and when glaciers meet together they can crush the mountain into a horn.

The earth's landscape has been build up by factors such as glaciers as they form together into a ridge of material. Erosion has build the earth's landscape by causing lots of rock to break and then carry the rocks to a new place.

Life before the research on this topic began was that the earth's landscape was being destroyed and build by forces of nature that many did not realize how much destruction and changes would occur from it.

Wind , rain, gravity, and ice are all changes that occur that affect the earth's landscape. Many of the landscapes that we see today were build by the forces of weathering and erosion. Many of these changes to the earth's landscapes have taken many years to occur and some are occurring right now. If you look around outside you can see many examples of weathering and erosion that have happened. Some examples are the flood waters that has washed away part of your yard and the ocean bottom that has turned to rock by the remains that have floated to the bottom.

This article was one that I enjoyed reading because it was interesting to see that the earth's landscape is changing due to many forces of nature that are always happening. I can see how a flood can change your backyard property and how glaciers can move across land to destroy it. This type of research is important because our earth is very

important to us. We need to know what the powerful forces of nature will do to it.

The research has shown that these forces of weathering have both destroyed and build the earth's landscapes that we can see as we travel around the United States.