Dusk Till Dawn!!

Essay by fathmathshifnaA+, October 2006

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Of the world without

Beguiled I stay awake

Minutes drag fingers that rakes

In waking hence I stay

Sleep is such taken from me

Dappled by shadows

Eyes staring I breath

The breeze that was kind to me

Stole into the room from crevices

On my warm face caressed it did

With sweetened Lilac air, fondled I be

Images of meadows of endless visage

Daisies, Bluebells, Joined in prayer

Crops of dandelions here and there

Like opals of an April dawn.

A sudden breath I draw with a smile

As thousands blooms of Narcissus

On a grassy slope not far away I see.

Light be sipped from the worldly cup

With straws of sunflower meads

Till light dwindles and a haze breeds

Which feeds off the colors make the sky bleed

As the globe of fire falls into the murky seas

Shades, I cry what is this I see

Shadows feeding upon my dream.

Vile little creatures with grim faces they be

Killed not, nor driven could they be

Once dusk has settled gone is but my dream

To the depraved shadows keep

Thus brood I in mood foul trying to sleep

But taken I am not under the siestas wings

Left to wander the road pass the gates

In the isle of my minds winding paths

Till light of dawn would I meet

Fidget and frown, creases run my brow

Sweat runs rivulets in nooks of body

Twist of self upon my king-sized bed

Beads of anger escapes to rents the nights shield

Still time creeps to no ends of which I can feel

Faces that mock, forms like wraiths

Mixing mud in my sanity

Still time drags its feet most gauntly

Edge of night I try and find, found it could not be

Frustration comes to limbs of...