Drowning Man!!

Essay by fathmathshifnaA+, October 2006

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I feel the icy finger of pain drag at my ankle

I feel the hands of timeless thirst push me down

I feel the lungs of air take away by breathe

And I feel the life in my veins slowly ebb

As a beast of a sorrow did tear at my chest

I feel the claws of sorrow beneath me hackle

I feel the rakes that naught could ease nor douse

I feel the eyes of craving hunt close and stretch

And I feel the air around me for a trace of a scent

As a beast of a yearning in tears for now did rest

I feel the fondling of recollection claws at angles

I feel the touch of time trace the past in doubt

I feel the voice of need sing her ode like a wreath

And yet a reason pales from me and hence can't address

As a beast of helplessness in a trap thence I call her again

I feel the voice of me reach her in slow sure sprinkles

I feel my hand reach with need for her and frown

I feel the lungs in me weaken for her before death

And I feel the life in me diminish as she forever left

As a beast of my affection fell drowned in its tears wept