The doomed empire - USSR (Soviet Union)

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The Doomed Empire

Introduction: The 1940's and the next four decades after, were a time of bitter

struggle between the US and the Soviet Union. National identity as well as ideological

differences brought both countries to the brink of nuclear war, a revolutionary style of

warfare causing the most disastrous demographic disaster known to man. There are

numerous speculations on who actually started the war. It can be argued both ways that

both the US and the USSR acted offensively towards each other. But the only real fact is

that "one represented an open democracy and the other a closed totalitarian system" and

both were the only real superpowers left standing after World War II.1 This split

generated a bipolar effect bringing the entire world into a game of tug of war between the

two superpowers. Throughout the four decades actual combative war never broke out but

in turn a similar game of chess was played.

One country would move and the other would

countermove. It was finally America that came out on top and the Soviet Union a

collapsed failure, but not necessarily because the US was stronger and out muscled the

Soviets militarily. The end of the Cold War was primarily due to economic factors.

What America proved was that the economy works best when the government

stays out and individuals within the society do the work.2 It is only the individuals within

the society that truly understand what products are in demand. Under Communist regime

a few select rulers decide what are the needs of the society, what resources are their

country's scarcities, and how to obtain these scarcities. Finding this information is a big

job and requires endless amounts of domestic attention. With this in mind the quote

"Nature's laws are...