Do Women Have a Stronger Friendships Than Men?

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Who is the closest person that you can tell your secrets to? If you were a girl, would that person be a girl? If you were a guy, would that person be a guy as well? A highly regarded researcher, Dr. Deborah Tannen, notes that women typically have a closer and more trusting friendship than men. This reason comes from the thought that women are emotionally connected and that men are physically connected. I feel that men can have an equivalent level of emotional and physical bond with each other just as women do.

Dr. Deborah Tannen informed that typically a woman has a best friend with whom she bonds with through communication. From this I would assume that women tend to bond by sharing feelings, thoughts, secrets, problems, or having slumber parties. Observation shows me that this tends to be the situation. Even while dining out with females, when one has the need to go to the restroom, all of her girlfriends will.

While doing this, they "chit-chat" building their social relationship by relating to each other, and keeping up with the latest trends. These are similar to what males do but just in a different aspect.

According to Dr. Deborah Tannin, activities are central to friendship between men. From my personal observation, male bonding occurs through doing competitive activities together. This could include playing video games together, working out, watching football, playing basketball, or going to Wal-Mart and putting a box of tampons in other peoples shopping carts. Being competitive through male bondage is essential to building a level of companionship. It is similar to what women do because the outcome, which is the level of trust and companionship, can still be the same.

Dr. Deborah Tannen leans toward the idea women form more trusting and closer...