Distinguish among planning, organising, leading and controlling (the four principal managerial functions), and explain how managers' ability to handle each one can affect an organisation.

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The role of management is a crucial element in any successful organisation. Management can be defined as a person or people who coordinate work activities with the aim to achieve the organisations' objective goals in the most efficient and effective manner. Management is responsible for the four basic inputs from their working environment, which are human, financial, physical and information. In co-coordinating activities to manage these valuable resources, the four managerial functions must be used. The four managerial functions' are known as planning, organising, leading and controlling, the way in which management goes about handling each of these functions can have a negative or positive impact on their organisation.

Planning is one of the key managerial functions which must be administered my management in order for all organisational objectives to be met. Goodstein, Pfeiffer and Noland (Harrison, E F. 1995 ) suggest "...planning is the process by which an organisation envisions its future and develops the necessary procedures and operations to achieve that future...It

requires the clear setting of goals and objectives [which] provide the organisation with its core priorities and a set of guidelines for virtually all day-to-day managerial decisions"

Planning is also known as decision-making as much planning revolves around decisions, for example which activity to chose or which to forgo, which is agreed upon by Steiner (Harrison, E F. 1995) "planning deals with the futurity of current decisions. It also looks at the alternative courses of action that are open in the future: and when choices are made among the alternatives they become the basic for making current decisions."

Planning is important to an organisation as it sets out the direction the company will be going with clear and precise objectives and it also assists the employees in knowing of their own direction are what is expected...