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This story was probably one example why schools might have asked their students to wear uniforms. When a person is troubled by something, such as appearance or a disability, they tend to over think that fault and then in turn not concentrate on other things. When they don't do well at something, they then have even less confidence.

This is what happened with Laura. She had a small disability, her shortened leg, which overtook her confidence. Because of this disability, she dropped out of high school. Because of her lack of confidence, she couldn't finish business school and never left the house. I feel a bit confused as to why the breaking of her glass figurine changed her. It was as if she was released from this box and could see the sun again.

Obviously that figurine was a symbol for her life before. She was delicate and beautiful when appreciated, just like the glass unicorn.

It took something big, like the "caller" to break her. Or maybe it was just having someone finally notice her and tell her that she wasn't an insignificant person.

It's a simple story of a troubled girl whose mind, encompassed by thoughts of her disability, inhibit her from even beginning a life. It's her mind telling herself that she can't do anything. All it takes is one guy to shatter her beliefs.