A Different Beach Experience

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Do you remember your last beach experience? It was six years ago when I last visited my country, the Philippines. Though it may seem too long, I could still recall my best beach experience ever. It was not only considered as a romantic getaway among lovers and couples, but more importantly it was a place of tranquility and serenity for me.

Boracay Island is one of the Philippines well-known and loved islands. This butterfly-shaped island is located at the northern tip of Panay Island, Aklan province, in the Visayan region of the Philippines, approximately 187 miles from Manila, the Philippine capital. We took a flight to Manila to Kalibo airport. From Kalibo airport, we took an air-conditioned bus to Caticlan for approximately 90 minutes and the boat from Caticlan harbor to Boracay Island for half an hour.

Boracay Island is famous for its beaches particularly the White Beach, which is located in the middle portion of the island.

The whole island is only about six miles long and only less than a mile wide. White Beach, the main boat drop-off point from Caticlan on Panay, is where the action is: here, variety of choices on food, drinks and souvenirs can be made since this is where most shops, lodging and restaurants could be found. Everything is within walking distance; it takes about half an hour to stroll the whole area.

Together with my significant other, we rested that night after an exhausting trip and made our way to our cozy bed for a night's rest. I woke up to the sunray's softly caressing my cheek. While he was still asleep, I slowly opened the door and watched the sun rising in the horizon. It was one of the most breathtaking moments of my life. Suddenly, I felt a sense...