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A good employee starts with proper preparedness. Training an employee to function properly at a given task requires planning and foresight. Desiring to become an Employer of Choice, Warren Federal Credit Union has made a commitment to provide quality training to its employees. This paper will analyze the need, materials, delivery, and the evaluation of training provided to employees of Warren Federal Credit Union (WFCU).

Needs Assessment

In business training, there must be a line of communication of how tasks should be accomplished. One of the first steps of effective training is finding out what each employee's current skill set is. The next step is to find out which parts of the job need to be taught to that individual. Companies may do self-tests for each person to see where they stand in the course of training and to determine what amount of training is needed for each aspect of the job.

Anther way that companies assess training needs is through direct observation. Supervisors or trainers may observe performance deficiencies while watching an employee do his or her job. Changes in policy, procedure, regulations, and products can also necessitate training. Error rates sometimes indicate a training need. If cash overages and shortages continue to increase, additional training may be needed.

Some jobs require specific minimum communication and technical skills for reasonable productivity and success. For example, one would not want a teller that did not know how to count or to speak with customers. Training an employee in role of a teller may include teaching an employee how to express an idea in a way that is not going to offend the customer. Another form of communication where training may be needed is body language. All member-contact employees need to know what is considered inappropriate and what is most effective...