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'Da Bomb

This toy is a toy designed to boost children's physical, cognitive, and social skills. It is useful for children age 2 to 10. It is a very colorful, very interactive toy that is enhanced even further by its multiplayer function. This toy ('Da Bomb) encourages them play to learn, and "horsing around" is acceptable. With it's many learning levels children will be able to keep using this toy year after year.

The idea of 'Da Bomb is to encourage children to play. It is made of a soft durable fabric, clear plastic sheaving, microchip sensors, very mild magnets to set off the sensors, a soft, well cushioned ball with a magnet inside, and finally an interactive touch pad. Its total size is 8 feet wide by 6 feet tall. It may be hung on the child's bedroom wall preferably screwed into studs so there is no chance of it falling.

'Da Bomb consists of 24, 1-foot wide by 2-foot high rectangles. Inside each rectangle is sewn in a clear plastic sheaving with the top left open. Inside the clear plastic sheaving cards are to be placed. Inside these cards are amazingly small sensors and a small magnet. When the ball is thrown the magnet in the ball and the magnet in the card will react with one another and will send message to the touch pad that will ask the child "What color did you hit?" or "Can you guess what number that was?" or "What is 'that number' multiplied by 7?" Cards can be interchanged. There is a set for children's songs, a set for nursery rhymes, a set for colors, a set for numbers and letters, a set for basic reading words, a set for states of the United States, the possibilities are endless.