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A picture is worth a thousand words. What does then the black and white picture of a man hanging on a building-mounted clock say? Is the man suicidal and about to jump? Is he being chased and trying to escape? Or is he an actor who is doing a movie stunt? We can only guess how and why he got there but from the captured image we can tell for sure what the still moment holds.

At the approximately six- story level a big 12-hour dial-face clock is mounted on a side of a city building. It is an elegant, old-fashioned dial clock with white display and roman numerals. There is no protective screen covering the clock face. The vintage clock hands are in almost perfect horizontal position -they show twenty minutes to three. May be the actual time is quarter to three, but the minute pointer is weighted down by a man hanging on it.

He is a young-looking man wearing black pants and a jacket. The shining patent leather shoes and a hat with a flat brim and flattened crown suggest that he is quite a stylish dresser. A man's hat tells me he is very young and not dressed formally. Known as a boater, normally made of straw and worn with a ribbon around the crown, the hat was popular in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Boaters were supposedly common at informal events and were worn by theatrical musical performers, by FBI agents as a sort of unofficial uniform or as part of old-fashioned school uniform. Although the round glasses in a thick black frame cover half of the man's face, there is neither fear nor panic to be noticed. He looks calm and doesn't appear to be calling for help. On a...