Describe some of the things that can be done in the early stages to ensure that a project is set up with a reasonable degree of success.

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A significant number of development Information Technology projects failed, which resulted in disastrous consequences. If the Information Technology project failed, that means the organisation will face be bankrupt in market competition. Poorly planned projects however fail for a number of reasons mainly created through the top management. Many projects fail through over time and over budgeting. When a problem occurs within a project it usually means that there will be schedule and economic implications that can result in a project failure.

It seems obvious that if any Information Technology (IT) project is going to become success, there must have some high-level issues to successfully manage, such as timing, and budget. If any area mismanagement, it will make the project towards what would be considered to be failure. Failure has been happened similarly with many Information Technology (IT) projects over the last twenty years. Information Technology project fail means the project with poor project management and without feasibility analysis.

Hedman (2005) provided an example about it; the DART mission is just one example of Information Technology at NASA that has failed, in part or entirely, in recent years. In addition to DART, which was a leftover of the Orbital Space Plane project, the DC-X, the X-33, the Orbital Space Plane itself, and the National Aerospace Plane (NASP) are among the higher profile projects that failed. The first reason is these projects can not finish in time, because of unrealistic time scales undermining the support. The DART failed because it attempted to push too many new technologies without a budget. If it had a cost budget by NASA, maybe this project has succeeded finally. From this case, there can obtain a result that Information Technology project has failed to deliver the requirements within time and budget.

To design the successful Information Technology...