Define the sociological theory. Describe 2 Theories

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Define the sociological theory. Discuss in details three characteristics each of one macro and one micro sociological theory. Using at least 2 examples, explain how each theory aids in the understanding of social behaviour?

Sociological theory is defined as the study of human being and how they interact with society. It can also be defied as the study of human being, in groups and the party they play in society. There are many different types of theories but the main and outstanding theories are the consensus, conflict and interpretive theory. These theories are used define and explain society, the consensus and conflict theory does this from a macro approach while the interpretive does this from a micro approach. These theories attempt to explain human behaviour according to the condition they are in.


Functionalism is a macro view of society which sees society as a human being which bodily functions must operate or function together in order for it to work properly.

This theory was formulated by Emile Durkeim and was a move scientifically approach towards society. (Harlambous & Holbourn pg 9) in this approach society is seen as a smooth, well oiled system where there are no or little problems. It looks at society from a structural point of view and sees every thing as functional and if something is not necessary for the development t of society it will become obsolete or cease to exist. Functionalism sees everybody working together under a similar system and implies that everybody needs one another to survive (Sociological themes & Perspectives). This system works after what is called a central value system where everyone conforms to the same values and norms.

In functionalism society is viewed from a structural point of view so all the systems work in order with...