Decision-Making Model Analysis

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Johnson Controls has a Decision-Making Process called "R-DMAIC Process." This process is used in many different organizations for problem-solving and decision-making. The model is broken up into six different phases. The Recognize phase, Define Phase, Measure Phase, Analyze Phase, Improve Phase, and the Control Phase.

Recognize Phase

The Recognize Phase is used to get the highest possible improvement possibilities. The first step is to identify the core process. Then identify the customer care abouts. Basically what the customer says they want. Step three of the process is collecting data and identifying the gaps. The gap is the distance from the current process and the goal set.

Define Phase

Then start to look at the Define Phase. The define phase is used to determine what to improve in the process. Look over the customer base. The complete process from start to finish, where issues could come up.

Measure Phase

Look at the third phase, the Measure Phase.

Look at the current process and how well the process works with the customers. Then look over the collected data over time through the process. Start putting information together and figuring out the best practice for the company and our customers. Graphs are set up to make the data easier to point out the spikes when the issue occurs.

Analyze Phase

The Analyze Phase, start putting together all the possible causes. They are called the "Y's" of the process. The company has had a current issue with felt. Why is the felt falling off the tool? The magnets are not strong enough. The metal strip is not big enough. There is too much wax build up on the tool. The magnets are losing their magnetism. The team put all those together and starts tracking.

Improve Phase

This is where all the causes are put...