Debate: Global Warming Should be our Number One Priority, negative team arguements

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1)Global warming may not actually be occurring

- Some measurements are faulty when it comes to reading global climate changes and patterns

- The readings taken on the ground have contradicted satellite measurements

- Reported changes in polar climate may be localized effects

- If there is only a possibility that global warming is going to happen, it should not be our number one priority. We should be focusing on things that are a threat to mankind now that are definitely happening such as poverty and war (international relationships) eg. Lebanon crisis

2)The current warming of the globe may be natural, not affected by man

- If we are having the hottest summer in 100 years, what caused it 100 years ago? Most CO2 emissions from humans came after 1950 and yet the rise in temperature started earlier. There have been long temperature declines even as CO2 levels have risen.

This shows that global warming (if it exists) is a natural thing. Mankind cannot play God no matter how much it wants to or thinks it can. If it is something we cannot control then it definitely shouldn't be our number one priority. Poverty is something we can control, war is something we can control. Lets focus on the issues that threaten mankind now before it's too late.

3)Global warming could be a good thing

- Higher CO2 levels encourage plant growth

- Sea levels will rise gradually enough so that we can readily adapt.

- Humanity has done better during periods of warmer climate in the past

- The earth has been warmer than today through most of it's history, we are merely going back to more natural conditions

- It prevents the next glaciation, which we are due for.

- If there are positive outcomes deriving from global...