Dating and Self Esteem

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Single adults partake of many activities to seek dates and find mates. Many use

advertisements in local newspapers to attract possible candidates for a relationship.

Others go to single's clubs and bars to find their potential soul mate. The type of

activities people choose are dependent on the person's self-esteem and self-confidence.

The information for this research was obtained from the article "Self Esteem of Persons

Seeking Dates Via Bars, Singles Clubs, and Personal Advertisements." The article was

written by Paul Yelsma and Paul L. Wienir. It appears in "Sociological Spectrum" for

January - March 1996.

The research method used in this article was a questionnaire. These

questionnaires were sent to people who advertised in the local paper. Single's club

participants were presented questionnaires and asked to complete them at one of the two

clubs in the same geographic region. Those who attended bars were either contacted

directly or given questionnaires.

The questionnaires were completed by 152 subjects: 40

from ads; 62 attended singles clubs, and 50 frequented bars. (Yelsma and Weinir, p. 35)

What effect does self esteem have in a person's decision on what type of method

to use to find their possible companion? It is shown that people with lower self-esteems

tend to choose personal advertisements, while people with higher self esteems tend to

lean towards the bar scene. Others with a mediocre self-esteem seem to go towards the

clubs scene. According to Josephs, Larrick, Steele, and Nisbett, (1992, p. 27) "The

higher one's self esteem, the less one has to fear from threats to the self, and individuals

with higher levels of self-esteem should be less affected by the threats to the self." This

means that the higher ones self esteem is, the more they will not be afraid to show

themselves in public. Those...