Database Technology Improves Airport Security

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Airport security has become a major issue within the past few years and with the advanced in technology today, we could make the security even better if the funding of the new technology for airports was not so low. After a couple major lapses in airport security it is definitely an issue that needs to be resolved. The most popular lapse of airport security is the tragedy on 9/11. With the implementation of better and more efficient security, knowing that passengers have the proper devices to take the plans over can prevent future tragedies. Another lapse of airport security was in Miami, Florida when a passenger claimed to have a bomb and was shot and killed by air marshals. This incident could have been prevented with the proper security. If the airport would have had proper technology security then could have been assured that the man did not have a bomb and claimed that he was mentally disturbed and it could have saved the air marshals from having to kill the man.

The solutions currently proposed by the Transportation Security Administration are quite costly for the airlines. While the airlines are all in major debt and on the verge of bankruptcy there must be different security measures to implement or help by the government. The Transportation Security Administration is wanting to implement smart cards that will help with international travelers and the pilots fast track through security, these passengers would skip the routine customs questioning and instead use special kiosks to present their passports and have their identities confirmed. Another proposal is to get rid of pat downs; they are in the process of implementing explosives trace detection portals. These machines aim puffs of air at passengers to dislodge and sniff out explosive residue. The also have another machine called...