Curiosity may kill a cat, choices may kill a person

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The night was dark and all of the disciples were jaded, Jesus went with His disciples to Gethsemane and prayed. Later, Judas walked over to Jesus and planted a kiss on his forehead. During this tense moment, Jesus chose not to repel and allowed the soldiers to take Him away. As Jesus stood before the governor, He only replied laconically, "Yes, it is as you say." The crowd shouted, "Crucify Him!" Jesus was flogged, injured, and nailed on the cross. Jesus could have gotten away with all the sufferings, but He choose to be crucified because He knew that this is the only way to save us and as the Son of God, God had selected Him to be crucified.

In a crowded amusement park, a couple fights violently in the mists of people, the girlfriend stomps off and finds a corner for some clear thoughts. As she kneels down, she wonders if she should forgive him for being uncaring at times or consider calling the relationship to an end.

These thoughts of what is the right choice made her frown and she felt like she was imprisoned. She needs to made a choice where it would be beneficial for her and her relationship with her boyfriend. Choices can be painful, but every choice has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Everyone had been in a situation where they have to struggle with what others want them to do instead of going for their dreams. This is applicable to all the characters in The Chosen. Danny and Reuven did not choose to be Jewish, but they were chosen to be Jewish. Why does the author specifically choose Danny and Reuven as the main characters? Their friendship is always in a threatening spot, where the society and their families can quickly call...