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"The District" follows the lives of Washington D.C. police officers as they fight crime in the nation's capital. Commanded by Jack Mannion, they have to solve all sorts of crimes, from street fights to political incidents ( The District is inspired by the real-life experiences of the former New York Deputy Police Commissioner, the late Jack Maple. Maple's tactics were credited with a drop of crime rates (

The District premiered in October 2000 and has been the most watched show on Saturday nights ever since, often managing to reach the top 20. The show is produced by Studios USA Television in association with CBS Productions. The executive producers are Denise Di Novi, John Wirth, and Terry George. Terry George and Jack Maple created the show. The basic theme of the whole series is "Crime can be defeated,"

Jack Mannion is the Police Chief of Washington D.C. Mannion is played by Craig T.

Nelson. Mannion is in his late fifties. He dresses very well in a retro 1920s style. Vests and two-tone shoes are the order of the day. He is a movie fan. He quotes lines from movies and making analogies. Mannion's leadership skills make him most likely to be the firstborn child in his family. He is the father figure in the show.

Detective Temple Page is played by Sean Patrick Thomas. He is a black man in his mid- to late twenties. He was a Marine officer and served in the Persian Gulf War. In the first few episodes he was Mannion's personal driver. Mannion promoted him from officer to detective. Page is very religious and always has a bible with him. He is there to show that a person can keep their faith after seeing all the suffering that cops see.

Detective Kevin Debreno is...