"Crime prevention for children"-has lots of stats,talks about gang affiliaton, drug use, etc. This essay goes through the juvinile court system, and punishments, also explores where "devience" starts.

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Between 1980 and 1997, 55% of the victims of juvenile homicide offenders were ages 13 through 24, I would think that would send an urgent message to society saying that crime is starting at a younger age each generation. Crime sprouts from the young minds who spend their time playing with pretend guns, watching violence on tv and watching their favorite super heros violently kill the villan. Does any of this have any long term psychological results? While growing up with guns and weapons the results in the end are children growing up thinking guns are okay. "over the ten year period from 1987 to 1997, homicides of juveniles ages 15-17 were more likely to involve a fire arm than were homicides of adults." So with that maybe as a society we're making it okay to posess those little personality traits that esxult in the next ted bundy, or charles manson, or the next mass murderer.

PLaying it off as " its a stage , and they'll grow out of it". We need to be saying what are we teaching our children? But in the end these children are going to end up with a lifetime full of jail time and crime abuse. But how do we prevent this? Many programs have arose in the last ten years such as The boys and girls club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Ameri Corps, D.A.R.E, and school activities such as athletics, drill teams, drama, cheer teams, academic clubs, etc. All of these contribute to kids getting and staying off the streets, prolonging drug abuse, and minimizing gang affiliation. School is also a big factor in these jubinile crimes. "Almost 3 million crimes a day or about 1 every 6 seconds happens on a school campus whiloe school is in session." The...