Creative writing - If there was a chocolate ban in the future.

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2020 Titan Era. The year of the first launch to Saturn, the first ever space tunnel exhibition and the year that chocolate became 'contraband.' It was an unfortunate serious of events that led to the most hostile situation the globe has ever faced. I regrettably lived through the power struggle that caused the extreme actions of this contraband. The President of the United Global States of the World, Jonathan Keating was in charge of at the time. It was a time where indecisiveness ruled over the underlying issues that needed to be addressed. The United States of America was facing its worst ever oxygen crisis and Australia had almost diminished its last resources of natural water. Chaos ruled the streets and chocolate was the last resort to the common man bordering on insanity.

It was the actions of Mr. Keating that plummeted any chance of coming back together as a whole world community.

On the 5th day, when Pluto aligned with Jupiter, he announced that chocolate was a harmful substance that would be banned. It is unknown as to the reasons behind this. All I remember is that the next day the world assault militia roamed through the streets of 2nd level Brisbane, emptying all candy dispenser machines of chocolate. I couldn't believe it! Why would he do such a thing? Did he even have the authority to deprive us of our rights? That day has been burned into my head and will remain in my memory until I am nothing more than ash. The sight of those that resisted was of shear terror. Those that decided to resist were brutally assaulted, tortured and looked down upon. It was all too much. This wasn't just occurring in the small Australian regions, but across the globe.

Panic began and furthermore...