How to create a successful commercial

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In today's modern society, a product needs to be advertised for consumers to recognise its significance and existence. Companies invest lots of money in TV commercials in order to do this, therefore giving the company employees money to raise their families. For this project, I shall simulate this process and create an effective 30 second TV commercial that advertises a tech product of my choice. It could be real or fictitious. I shall use Adobe Elements or Windows Movie Maker to create this product.

Many companies have already approached their "lack of public awareness" problem in a similar way; by creating a TV commercial. On nearly every television channel, there are commercials for shampoos, cars, children's toys, electronics, hotels, etc. TV commercials are widely known to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. But with such a diversity of TV commercials, the public starts getting irrationally selective about products.

Instead of picking the most useful product, they pick the product with the best TV commercial. These days, TV commercials need to be unique in a noticeable and positive way.

There is only one way to create a commercial; design it, plan it, film it, edit it, and then release it. Considering the given time frame, the best approach to creating a commercial is to keep it simple and effective. This kind of approach would require an unknown amount of time on designing the simple and effective commercial. Once this step is complete, the other steps can be completed at ease.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a very useful tool in the creation of this commercial. Unlike windows movie maker, this program has many powerful features (such as the green screen) that would aid the creation of the commercial. It is also not too complicated to use. In addition, it...