Contrast and compare the issues presented in "Face To Face" and "Charitable Intest" by David Williamson

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David Williamson's "Charitable Intent" and "Face To Face" are two plays which involve underlying issues of Australia's working society. These issues can be explored by Feminist and Marxist readings of both texts.

In "Charitable Intent" the group of employees is summoned for a conflict resolution meeting. The depth of the problems in the workplace are underlying and only become evident towards the end when Bryony's true motives and true self are uncovered. The first major issue that is exposed is workplace Bullying. Amanda is the key character here as she is victimized by the whole firm because she lacks confidence and is an easy target. Even her only friend Stella joins in on the 'fun' at some stage. This is the same situation as Glen in Face To Face. He is also victimized by his work colleagues when he is set up with practical jokes.

The Employees think this as the Australian character and believe it is ok to play jokes on people, which is actually workplace bullying.

The gender roles in each play greatly affect the way that the issues are constructed. Bryony in "Charitable Intent" holds the power of CEO for the company. She uses this power to bully the employees that oppose her into leaving the firm. As a woman she has fought hard to reach her high position, in doing so has become tougher than a male boss as she emphasizes her superiority. Despite Bryony's aggressive ways she hasn't reached the position of a board member. Bryan's easy going attitude and light mood, plus the fact that he is a male and in the highest position really shows that women in the workplace are still discriminated against and male bosses are still easier accepted than women. Although Greg in...