Compare and contrast the treatment of Native Americans by Britain and France.

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The Colonial Period began with the settled countries of the time wanting to launch voyages to explore 'the new world'. One of the first successes was the Spanish, when they were able to settle in South America as early as 1252. But the biggest exploration of the time by far was set off by Columbus who, in search of the Indies, instead fell upon America, which started mass colonization. Colonization was so popular due to its trade worth and how much it could help the mother country, and with, in many cases, foreigners at the disposal of settlers, it was also no wonder that slavery became so big. The two most popular races that were enslaved included the Native Americans and Africans, and in this paper I will be comparing and contrasting the treatment of the Native Americans by both Britain and France.

To begin, Britain used America mostly as a dumping ground for the citizens they didn't otherwise want to stay in the mother country.

And so, upon arrival, if a British man came upon a group of Native Americans they didn't necessarily know what they should do since they hadn't otherwise been told. As a result, the settlers ended up just pushing any and all Native Americans that were on their land out of the way, further west, to stop the problem. But as the frontier grew, they soon realized that pushing them constantly west could not go on forever. And thus, the Indians were then put onto reservations, or undesirable land, to end the problems caused by them.

The events that took place in New France, present day Canada, however, were much different. The French recognized that the Indians who were already there had rights over the land since they had gotten there first. And since it...