Compare and contrast Roman Catholics and Protestants with brief history of the two.

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In case you didn't know it, the world is swimming in an ocean of religion. If this was unappearent to you, than you may not have realized that it's shrinking. Yes, and what's more terrifying is that you need my help to navigate threw it. You don't like this? Well climb ashore to the dry lands of atheism so that you may get a good look at things... before diving back in. Seeing some fish fight and some get along, you ask "Why is it that there are more fights between the similar fish than the very different fish, and what are those two inparticularly?" All I do is smirk and hand you an essay that sounds allot like the following.

Since christianity was born, there have been two main sects, the roman catholic church and the protestant church. These two have a long history with each other going back to the time of Abraham.

What's odd is that even though they have so much in common, it was only the little differences that created the sparks to waged wars for centuries. These wars were greatly expressed throughout the time of king Henry IIV's children, whom slaughtered thousands of the other sect while the other one had control of the thrown. It wasn't untl the merging of these two feisty churches in England, that both could appreciate their differences. Remember however that this only applies to England and there are still wars in Norther Ireland being faught between these two.

Roman Catholics are supposed to wear green on St. Patrick's day as opposed to orange which the protestants are to be clothed in. This is most likely the most useless contrast between the two, but if they all did it, it would be really easy to scope them out. Both...