Compare and Contrast how H.G. Wells and Will Jenkins create tension and atmosphere in 'An Uneasy Homecoming' and 'The Red Room'

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"The Red Room" and "Uneasy Homecoming" are both Suspense stories yet both story's were written at different periods. "The Red Room" was written in the 1800's whilst "Uneasy Homecoming" is written in 1900's and so the audiences for both stories have changed over the years though both are of the same genre. Both stories are also written differently. The Red Room was written in first person and so you get the suspense from the main characters point of view and Uneasy Homecoming was written in third person and you get told which is around the main character what the main character doesn't know about. In this piece we will be looking at how both authors of these stories write these stories in different ways and how the tension and atmosphere is set by both authors.

The structures of both stories are very different. The setting of The Red Room is very Gothic and Victorian like E.G

the old Victorian House. Uneasy Homecoming is a lot more modern than The Red Room. You can see this not just by understanding the setting but by some of the quotes in the stories. A quote from The Red Room making it sound old and Victorian is ''I must confess I had scarce expected these grotesque custodians.''

The structure of Uneasy Homecoming is very much similar to The Red Room yet different in ways. One of the main differences between the both is that Uneasy Homecoming is set in the first half of the 1900's and The Red Room is set in the Victorian ages. Other differences are that Uneasy Homecoming starts off light hearted whilst The Red Room is a gloomy, gothic story from the start. The similarity's include both main characters alone, constantly reassuring themselves and with there over acting imaginations. The differences between the two stories include the main characters are both different genders, The Red Room is a supernatural story compared to Uneasy Homecoming.

The setting of The Red Room is very Victorian and has a very Gothic edge to it. I think H.G Wells has chosen this place because it's a perfect place for a Suspense story to be set because darkness gives you a sense of unfamiliarity on what is lurking in the darkness. In this case it's as if a Ghost is in that house yet in the ending of the story the main character finds its all in his imagination and fear.

The setting is quite different in Uneasy Homecoming compared to The Red Room. There isn't a lot of darkness in Uneasy Homecoming until its night and the story in whole seems less fictional in compared to The Red Room.

The endings of both stories are the same for usually in these stories it is either a good ending or a bad ending and both stories end ok. The Red Room seems to go brighter because the day time is shining in the house and in Uneasy Homecoming Connie is safe from Mrs Winston's son.