"The Cocaine Kids" by Terry Williams

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In the excerpt from the afterward (p.132) to "The Cocaine Kids" by Terry Williams he seems to be expressing the Subcultural Theories. Simply because the excerpt is mainly concerned with the way they were raised, opportunities and lifestyle.

In my opinion I agree strongly that these Subcultural Theories play a major roll in why the cocaine kids be come drug dealers. The "crew" all lived in a poor part of Manhattan called Washington Heights; it's an area full of crack fiends and drug dealers. It's a place mainly made up of Dominicans and African-Americans. Most of the people living in the area are not only poor and uneducated, but addicted to some sort of drug.

Max, Seemingly the main character, is a fourteen-year-old boy who reaches the drug game mainly because of his brother. He was a "lucky" one who moved up the ladder quick and in the five years he is in the cocaine industry he becomes a leader.

His crew consists of Chillie, the second in command and head of "la Oficina." Hector, though not a huge factor is Max's brother and is more of a hassle/ drug addict then anything. Masterrap and Charlie, Masterrap who is third in charge and welcomes people into "la Oficina," while Charlie is the bodyguard. Next is Jake, He runs the street trade for max. Last are Kitty and Splib, they are married for part of the book but both sell independently.

All eight members of the crew have had either extremely poor up upbringings or major losses in their family. They all seem to be dealing simply to make ends meet, though some of the guys like Splib, Jake and Chillie tend to be out for power and respect. It seems at some point in the book every one of...