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just had to give clintons views on issues -


"When I took office I abolished the Gag Rule. I abolished the ban on fetal tissue research. I appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court, who's made a career of fighting for the rights of women and believes in the constitutional right to choose. I have gotten the United States back into the effort to control world wide population growth, which is an important human issue, not through abortion, but through basic contraceptives, something the United States had walked away from before"-- Clinton on reproductive rights.

Bill Clinton believes women should have the right to make their own reproductive choices. By reversing the Gag Rule Clinton has provided women who use federally funded clinics to make good decisions about abortion. Clinton signed the Access to Clinics Entrances Act to keep clinics safe. He has increased family planning funding to help stop unintended pregnancies.

He supported Medicaid coverage on abortion services for poor women who have been raped. Clinton will fight any legislation that prevents abortion and could endanger women's health.


"We must ask more ourselves, we must expect more of each other, and we must face our challenges together...Our challenge is to leave our environment safe and clean for the next generation...People do have a right to know that their air and their water are safe." -- Clinton on the environment.

He wants to protect America's natural beauty, He committed $1.5 billion to preserve the Florida Everglades, reached an agreement protecting Yellowstone National Park from environmental hazards, and he established the Grand Staircase-Escalante National monument to protect red rock canyon.

Clinton has been and is still fighting to keep us healthy. He issued new standards to cut toxic pollution by 90% and incinerator emissions by 98%! He started...